Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet and Southern: Gift Giving Idea

I mentioned this wine bottle cheese/ appetizer serving dish in my last blog. I gave these as gifts to all my bunko friends for Christmas. I made the gift tag for each one with a real wine cork. My husband drilled a whole through the center of the cork and I attached it to the gift by threading the raffia through the cork and tying a knot in the end.

These were real wine bottles (from our bunko dinners... a lot of dinners!) which were "slumped" in my sister's kiln. The very high temperatures literally causes the bottles to collapse flat. It takes all day in the kiln for this process. I put the clear protector buttons on the bottom of the dish and added the decorative (of course, sea horses and sea turtles) spreader to the dish.

One of my bunko friend's son recently got married and we saved the champagne bottle from the wedding toast for the newly weds.

Sunshine from SSS,


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  1. I bought one of these melted bottle cheese trays on Etsy and I love it. It's a great conversation piece!